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Whitening toothpaste with new nano-technology to create internal nano-capillary structure, the surface can automatically adsorption of dental calculus, does not contain any chemical cleaning agents, non-toxic harmless, powerful, super soft material, just water, easy to clean Tooth, do not leave scratches, make your teeth more healthy, beautiful white, laughing! It is especially suitable for use in Brownian cigarettes, coffee, tea, fruit juices, chewing betel nuts, and other food coloring to remove stubborn stains and dental plaque.
1.The white part of the product front slightly wet;
2.With the front along the same direction gently gently wipe the tooth surface, without too much effort, you can erase tooth stains;
3.After wiping the teeth, rinse the mouth with water and wash the residue in the mouth.
4.generally used one to three times, the teeth can be white and beautiful.
5.Recommended: 10-15 days to use once.
This product is only for cleaning toothpaste, for health, please update the new nano-cleaning bar.
Do not rub the gums and damage the gums.
Not recommended for children
Keep out of reach of young children to avoid eating by mistake.
Patients and pregnant, lactating women are forbidden to use.
Product Specifications: 1 cleaning toothpaste +2 nanometer clean bar
Total package weight: 11.4g

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