Chest Massager Liposuction Electric

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Two cup cups with two thorns on the activities of the wheel, single wheel cup with a spiral-shaped activities of the wheel, the wheel contains far infrared rays generated far infrared directly on the body parts, play to accelerate the blood circulation, stimulation Tissue cells and other functions, scroll wheel freely, faster and better pumping and retractable fat, play a better elimination of excess body fat, can be arbitrary for health care, massage. Acting on the massage position, the use of pressure changes massage, the skin has no direct effect of the force, the massage effect is unique. Can also be used for body massage and delay or reduce the upper and lower arm skin sagging, improve the abdominal fat accumulation phenomenon.
Weight: 625g
Volume: 29 * 24 * 29cm
Voltage: American Standard 110v and European standard 220v

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