Snow lotus anti-aging whitening oil

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With anti-aging and whitening function, innovation and technology, rich in snow lotus, rice extract the essence of ingredients, crystal white revitalizing factor and add arbutin essence of herbal essence, synergistic collagen effect, make skin more water and smooth, Reduce wrinkles, while reducing the skin melanin content, remove the skin dull, dilute the spots.
Ingredients: Deionized water, snow lotus, rice, arbutin extract, propylene glycol kojic acid, sodium hyaluronate.
In the morning, evening, after cleansing the skin, apply the amount of essence to the forehead, cheeks and chin to make the essence of the liquid completely absorbed in order to achieve the effect of wrinkle.
Skin care ingredients are different, sensitive skin, please first in the ear after the test and then use.
Product Series: muscle bottom liquid
Skin Type: General
Applicable people: ladies
Efficacy: whitening, moisturizing, replenishment, pulling tight, anti-aging, skin care
Net content: 25 (g / ml)
Specifications: normal specifications

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