Electric removal blackhead instrument

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Pore Cleaner, thoroughly cleanse the pores and eliminate stubborn blackheads. Small pore cleaner, fit the cheek epidermis, easy loopholes, allowing you to enjoy relaxing massage at the same time the skin grease, blackheads, dirt together sucked out. Even the forehead, chin, nose and other small places will not miss. Thoroughly cleansed skin, perfect contact at zero distance.
Please pay attention to how to install the battery.
Please clean the face before use (face painted with facial cleanser do not use)
Do not use hot water (above 70 degrees Celsius) and detergents
Material: ABS plastic
Power: Use a 5 batteries, this product does not contain batteries.
Specifications: 21.2 * 9.7 * 3.8CM
Color: black, pink, blue
Function: Clean pores

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