Five rows of wooden spikes Foot Massager

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The use of advanced equipment processing and production, and high temperature steam sterilization, Fang Zhu, UV baking process refined, with high strength, toughness, no cracks, no decay, easy to clean and so on. Regular foot massage, the foot of the Yongquan, Taichong, hidden white, Kunlun and many other points by thermal stimulation, will promote the human blood circulation, conditioning organs, balance yin and yang, Shu Tong meridians, physical fitness, delayed aging , Illnesses and prolongation.
The effectiveness of foot massager:
1.Increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, so that people enter deep sleep, so that the brain can get full oxygen, make you full of energy, clear-headed.
2.Can prevent and improve high blood pressure, rheumatism, back pain.
3.Can gradually improve the foot problems.
4.Knee inflammation, rheumatism and joint pain have curative effect.
5.Relieve edema, leg varicose veins and leg paralysis.
6.Promote leg blood run, prevent gout.
7.Regular use, can improve insomnia, strengthen the digestive system function.
Please note:
1.Please do not stand on this massager directly, but should sit on a chair, then double-foot massage on the massage back and forth!
2.Do not conduct foot massage within half an hour after a meal.
3.Massage time to 15-25 minutes is better, once a day can be, after the massage is completed drink a glass of water, more conducive to good health.


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