Front lace wigs black long straight

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Unique design to ensure that the wig is intact
Use a hardened thick cardboard box to protect the wig from safety
Professional design, fine craft, professional warehousing
Wig is pure handmade, super imitation real hair, full lace hat.
1.Place the elastic mesh and lace parts on the head
2.Place the top and side combs on the hair
3.tighten the elastic strap
Follow the steps below to clean your hair
1.Warm water,a towel add little shampoo
2.Cap inside out
3.Let wig wet totally
4.Wash gently do not twist
5.Wash the shampoo clean leave in clean water 10 minites
6.Put some hair conditioner
7.Wash gently do not twist
8.washing to clean remove water
9.remove water by towel
10.Leave it dry naturally
Special attention:  
Customized products, lace handmade custom, ordered 2-3 days after custom processing, and then shipped. Please wait.
wig in the transport process may be squeezed and deformation, hair tail will bend, but completely does not affect the use of electricity plywood can be straight, the temperature control in 180 degrees or less!
Wig length can be trimmed according to their own preferences length, the other wigs need regular care and maintenance, otherwise it will dry and frivolous.
Due to drying, grease, scaling and no carding (wide tooth combing), your hair may become tangled. Make sure to wash your hair at least once a week, comb your hair every day and use moisturizer.


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