Nail light therapy lamp mini nail dryer

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9-watt LED rainbow lights, very convenient, can be used for nail polish, light gel, slightly smaller than the apple 7, born good to carry. Can be quickly roasted nail polish, it is important to carry very well. Easy to bake, not black hand. Small size, large capacity, easy to dry five fingers. LED lights do not eye, small size, timing function. Light therapy machine small size, size is only 15 * 4cm, weighs only 56 grams, only half of the phone. USB power cord can be connected to the computer using the above, can also be connected to mobile power use. According to ergonomic design arc lamp beads, more humane and practical. Just 30 seconds, you can dry nail polish.
Press the switch is 30 seconds timer; long press switch 3 seconds is a 1 minute switch.
You only bake up to 4 nails at a time
Model: Nail Rainbow Light
Color: red, pink, black, white, champagne powder
Power: 9 watts
Shelf life: 2 years

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