Onychomycosis antibacterial liquid ash A clear

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This product focus on hand and foot health, quality is guaranteed. No need to pull a nail, rub a nail, a nail, as simple as nails. Onychomycosis special, bright armor bacteriostatic liquid. As a result of various causes of thick nails, gray armor, deck deformation thickening, scaling, powder at the end, crisp and brittle, nail gray and yellow muddy, uneven or damaged, suitable for this product.
Step 1: Because the bottle seal, the first trial before the need to use a pair of scissors to seal the bottle at the ball cut off.
Step 2: Using No. 1, gently squeeze the bottle, the liquid evenly applied to infected tissue (do not apply to the surrounding normal skin), 3-5 minutes to absorb self-absorption.
Step 3: Use No. 2, No. 1 liquid 3-5 minutes self-permeable air-dried, began to smear on the 2nd.
Step 4: While going to the fungus, while the length of the new armor, every day adhere to the smear 1, 2, each time until the infection of healthy tissue completely grow.
Net content: 20ml
Shelf life: 24 months
color: White

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