Ultrasonic cosmetic skin whitening get rid of acne

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Stimulate cells to enhance vitality, accelerate blood circulation, into the probe white skin, cleansing instrument brush head clean skin, powder puff quickly beat powder. Improve pores, blackheads, acne, uneven skin tone. Compact, easy to carry. Feel comfortable, LED light beads.
Step 1: When cleansing, the brush head mounted on the instrument, open the switch on the instrument, the product began to vibrate into the export state, the squeeze facial cleanser squeezed in the brush, moistened with drip to clean the face in a circular motion, fast The removal of dirt deposited in the pores.
Step 2: puff: the sponge brush mounted on the instrument to open the switch on the instrument, the product began to vibrate into the puff state, the liquid foundation or BB cream squeeze puff on the way to circling from the inside to smear, So that the liquid foundation smear more uniform, more fit.
Step 3: In accordance with the above steps to use their own essence drops 3-4 drops on the probe, the face massage for about 3-5 minutes, can effectively import skin care products nutrition into the dermis, light waves can repair broken fibers, Help cells absorb nutrients, so as to achieve the effect of whitening repair.
Do not place this product in a humid place, this product can not be water.
Beauty liquid every drop in the massage head, not inside the machine, such as accidentally poured too much beauty fluid, please be sure to wipe clean before use, so as not to damage the machine inside the quiet electronic devices.
Working voltage: DC 3V (AAA * 2)
Product Size: 150 * 60 * 43mm
Weight: 86g
Accessories: host, manual, cleansing instrument brush head, puff brush head

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